Learn Visual Web Developer 2005 Express EditionC#Lesson 2

Learn Visual Web Developer 2005 Express EditionC#Lesson 2

This is MSDN's lesson 2 to help beginners use Visual Web Developer
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Visual Web Developer Express Edition C# Lesson 2 is a course of instruction prepared by Microsoft to help beginners understand and use Visual Web Developer, though, in fact, any user may take advantage of it and learn great tips directly from the publisher. This is not Visual Web Developer itself, but rather an instructional package about the program containing MS Word, PDF, and WMV files. It includes, however, Visual Web Developer code just for the lesson and the related exercises. Therefore, unless you have the program already installed in your computer, it will do no good. Yet, the rest of documents can be fully exploited and learned from.

This specific lesson goes through general and basic aspects, such as managing tabs and toolbars inside Visual Web Developer, and up to the use of absolute positioning. In other words - it shows you the ASP.NET server controls that can be managed and added to web applications. You can view or read the lesson transcript, go through the study guide and check your answers against the study guide solution provided.

Although useful, it goes through generally basic functions, so experienced or advanced users might want to skip this lesson. With Visual Web Developer Express Edition C# Lesson 2, those interested will get real, solid, and sound knowledge directly from the source.

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  • Topics covered are explained thoroughly
  • All study materials are accesible without the need of Visual Web Developer


  • Topics in this lesson are rather basic
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